Playing with petals

12:07:00 AM

One and a half years ago I made a big decision to call it quits to working as an employee, working long hours and working in the luxury retail. Like a ball I tossed myself around in that industry for TWELVE years! In those twelve years I started with graphic design in the design department then slowly adding on visual merchandising, events design and organizing, creative advisor, content writer, retail supervisor and finally it ended by giving it a last go as a private clients consultant. All in all I would say I'm pretty well equipped in terms of knowledge and experience in running a business at all levels. Except accounting. Ew.

So what did I give up the "glamorous fashion" life for? To be a self employed floral designer! I've always loved flowers ever since I could remember but it's strange how I never considered it as a form of career or job for the past twelve years. Do I regret "wasting" the past? No because I did learn and grew so much from it. I would say that this change was an unnoticeable transition in the making. Many asked if I attended floral school or had some form of training. I did not attend any classes and I'm self taught and I think it's because I love it so much that it came naturally to me. Remembering flower names seems to come naturally to me too and when I lived abroad for 2 years I would always buy fresh blooms from the market which are not available here in KL and I would enjoy them in my apartment.

Yes it's a fun job because I love it but it is also laborious and tiring. The result however is rewarding because to me floral arranging is like art. There are no real rules so to say and the outcome really depends if you have the eye for it and it's all about color and composition. This year I've kept my pace slower and unfortunately declined many clients because I am expecting and baby is coming right smack during the peak of wedding season! But I tell myself it's ok and I will get right back into business next year and I'm determined to go at it full force! I'm pretty proud of myself for starting this little business from home and hopefully one day I can own my own little studio and maybe other dreams along the way. I named it Flores Studio. I leave you here with just a few of my favorites. Enjoy!


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