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 Whoopeee! Look what came in the mail yesterday! My new staple beauty products from 100% Pure. Being the true lazy girl that I am in the beauty department I have always did my face in the fastest and most convenient way. I'm pretty sure most of you know about powder foundation which are available from quite a few big brands out there and it's my favourite item because of how fast you can dust it on your face and go on with the day. But most powder foundation contain minerals which gives you the great glow and texture, it also has it's benefits but also other side effects. Since I found out I'm pregnant I became more aware of what I apply onto my skin hence I started looking for mineral and chemical free products. So whats in it?
Bismuth Oxycloride 
What is it? : Refined heavy metal of lead and copper
Pro : Shimmery glow to the skin
Con : May cause skin irritation, rash & aggrevate acne

What is it? : In a raw form it is like a mineral gem stone made up of aluminium silicate, alkalis and hydroxyl
Pro : Fine particles
Con : Linked to coughing, weakness and weight loss when inhaled over time

Boron Nitrate
What is it? : The item which helps mineral foundation stick to your skin
Pro : Longer staying power of foundation on skin
Con : May cause nasal irritation, disruptions in liver and kidney

 This time around, apart from replenishing my almost finished powder foundation I decided to add cream foundation for the days where I have an occasion to attend and I need a little extra coverage. I'm always thinking in advance and I have a wedding to attend in December so I do want to look my best after delivery when my life is being sucked out by the many sleepless nights and busy day adjusting to my new role as a mommy! The least I can do to treat myself better is to groom myself well and look my I tell myself. I have avoided cream or liquid foundations since my first try on them in my early 20s because I hated the feeling, the weight, texture and the typical smell of make-up on my skin. This morning I tried the fruit pigmented cream foundation and I totally love it! It feels light after application, it glides on smooth, ZERO smell (important to me) and it has a matte finish without looking dry and my skin still comes through but covered well. 
I have to say I've been pretty darn happy with the powder foundation since my first purchase as it goes on well to my skin and again this has ZERO smell as well and it feels like nothing on my skin which is what I love and I use it daily to look fresh. I was pleasantly surprised to receive together many little packs of samples of body moisturizers, shampoo and hand cream. Definitely looking forward to trying them on!

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