Beauty then, now & after - The real postpartum beauty checklist to deal with

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                              Image source: Instagram user ethereal_mama

As much as we tell ourselves that if we are beautiful on the inside, we are also beautiful on the outside. Yes, that is true to a certain extend, but I can't ignore exterior beauty care either because it does boost confidence and who doesn't want to look good! I can say that before, I take pretty alright beauty care but there are a couple of areas I pay almost zero attention to which are my hair and nails. I don't visit the salon often enough to get the usual hair trim and treatment nor do I spend 2 hours at the nail salon beautifying my nails and scrubbing my feet clean from dead skin which has now led to my Sahara desert heels cracking and dead dry. I only use Argan Oil almost daily to treat my hair which I tell myself is sufficient. Is it really? I don't really know. As for my nails they were not attended to since October 30th 2015 (the day before my wedding) but frankly I'm loving how it's not as dry as before when I use to get them painted pretty often about 5 years ago.

As for my face, I go for a good cleansing and extraction facial once every 2-3 months or when it gets out of hand. I have been going to this lady ever since I could remember and my last visit was some time in April I think, when I could still lie on my back without feeling uncomfortable and cutting off blood supply to the little one in my belly. I can't go for a facial now even if I wanted to and with all my extra spare time because I can't lie on my back for 2 hours anymore until after I deliver but thank God my skin hasn't acted up since. Baby is probably giving me good skin haha!

Now for the real beauty body issue, the female body, it goes through tremendous amount of changes during pregnancy and after birth. The most obvious is the belly, it expands to the size of a large balloon to fit another growing life in there and then depletes badly after the baby is out and it leaves a large hanging crumply sack of a skin hanging there (from what I saw from postpartum pictures) and that scares me heaps! How do I get flat abs ever again? How do those damn Victoria Secret models do it after 2 months postpartum and walk the runway in a freaking bare it all lingerie? How do they train like crazy with a personal trainer and yet attend to the baby? Don't they have to feed it and care for it 24/7? It is hard work enough being a new mom, having lack of sleep and yet we have to deal with this horrible distortion of the body. Sigh...I'm not looking forward to it. I realize that I will be very much alone at home once I'm done with the confinement session for the 1st month. During that time I will have a hired confinement lady who will be staying with us for a month and she will be my only "companion" during the day. After the 1st month is up, I will be all alone and I'm actually kinda worried that I will be lonely and lost. It is hard enough to cope with a new baby and being alone and but I also have to deal with not feeling good about myself because it's not like I will miraculously bounce back into shape and parts naturally gets back to how it was once! Magic seems like something I will need during that time. With a swish of a wand and a beauty spell...yes...that sounds perfect, so I can just look bloody awesome again in 24 hours and have a crying baby in my hand then seems like a reduced amount of issues to deal with. But life doesn't work that way DOES IT? No! Nothing comes without hard work and I have to work bloody hard to to achieve my unrealistic goals below bravely and diligently and not let it go too far down south ;

1. Belly - Rid stretch marks, tone, improve skin elasticity, flatten
2. Legs - Tone, slim, rid cellulite
3. Boobs - Tone
4. Arms - Tone, slim down
5. Butt - MAJOR tone, slim down
6. Facial skin - MAJOR cleaning and extraction
7. Stretch marks - minimize or rid (if getting rid of it is even possible)

I've been really good at saving money in the beauty department in the past but with this new role I'm taking on soon I know I cannot stinge and I have to get back into shape and probably work towards trying to look better than before! Wish me all the very best. I will need it all badly! :(

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