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I rarely shop for myself anymore and I rarely enter clothing stores too because it gets too crowded and I just can't focus. I like an empty-ish store, zero changing room que and almost zero hold ups at the cashier. (I think I just described the environment in a luxury designer store) So I now pretty much pre-shop online and either purchase it online if it's not available locally or purchase it from the store like a guy on a mission - enter, locate item(s), pay, exit all under 15 minutes if possible. Taking a break from baby shopping and now pre-shopping for myself, these are a few items I have my eye on from Zara AW16 collection. 

 L-R Chambray Trousers, Red Crepe Dress, White Poplin Dress

 L-R D'Orsay Flats, Pom Pom Lace-up Sandals

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