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9:12:00 AM

I get tons and tons of ideas and inspirations just from my daily browsings on social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest. I can't live a day without going through my Instagram because it's been the source of faith, inspiration, ideas and drive for my work as a self made & self taught floral designer and event stylist. There are so much more I want to do via my business Flores Studio, and not just restricting to arranging flowers. I've tried my hand at visual presentation areas like doing a whole dessert table, wedding stationary design and tablescape presentation. I can't stay put and just do one area because my mind is just constantly spinning with ideas and I know I have heaps to give. 

"... Success is not a good teacher, failure makes you humble" - Shahrukh Khan

When I started to go full time in this business 1.5 years ago  I had many ideas but nothing solid and nothing too fixed as I wanted to to see which area I can change and improve on, but I've learned that there's always much room to improve in all areas and it's a constant learning process. I've had some growing success considering that I'm still working from my kitchen and I came out of no where just very suddenly I jumped into the world of floral design, and trust me, I am so thankful for all those great opportunities that came by my way. I've also learned from some failures too and it has made me more aware and careful of my work ethics. It is so very true that "Success is not a good teacher, failure makes you humble" - Shahrukh Khan. I've lived by believing very strongly that the day you believe you have succeeded is the day you have failed. I also believe that no matter how good you think you are, there's always someone out there better than you. I have learned to appreciate every opportunity I get and treasure the experience and look forward to more challenging jobs. 

This month of July will be my last month taking up wedding venue decor as I am getting too big for event set-ups as I will be due for delivery this early October and I have enrolled in birthing classes from August to September. I decided that I will use this time to not only prepare for the baby but I have some ideas to revamp my business identity. I have some ideas on creating new business cards, polishing up the logo, gift cards and maybe other packaging items and hopefully this will be the foundation for future growth. I would also like to dabble into photography (something I have always wanted to do but never had the budget for a camera) with flowers as I got totally inspired by my floral idols Mary Lennox and Tulipina as I fell in love with their prints of their floral arrangements for sale. I probably won't be selling my own photos but it would be a great project just for fun and added portfolio and an excuse to blow em up and hang them in my home or give them as gifts!

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