Last weekend's frenzie

8:54:00 PM

Marsala was the theme color and it was a busy busy weekend for me. I have to admit that despite the long hours of slaving away stripping and prepping flowers and finally arranging them and making sure they survive the process is extremely tiring and at some moments you look around and feel like you are not getting there yet but the end result is always satisfying. I often go to bed at wee hours when doing wedding flowers with an aching body and really dirty nails! It was tougher on me this time carrying a little one inside and with the extra weight the base of my feet hurts faster and I have to wear a soft rubber slipper around to protect it. 

Having an aching body at all the bad places while being pregnant is no fun. I also wasn't able to sleep well during the two days due to the pain my brain is always focusing on. After two consecutive days of facing those lovely pinks and deep reds, the venue set up on Saturday was rather swift at 6:30am with the help of my ever helpful and supportive hubby! I got home after, had some breakfast and collapsed into a deep 1.5 hour much needed sleep. 

Sometimes I wish I have an assistant (something I am looking into for next year when I plan to expand by a teeny weeny bit) to help with the cleaning and prepping because that takes up the most time. Speaking of expanding I am now working on new a branding and image for my business and it's a WIP for the next couple of months before I pop. I leave you here with some horrible photos from my phone haha... and I'm waiting for the professional ones from the photographer once it's ready and I will share them here. 

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