Stuck in bed and sick

1:04:00 AM
I may have overworked myself and fallen ill since last week from lack of rest. It started with a sore throat, then a cold, and then my worst nightmare I started coughing from the sore throat 2 days after and I've been coughing since up till today. I thought I was on the path of recovery because a day ago I I finally manage to get a good 6 solid hours of dead sleep which felt so good because prior to that I didn't get any sleep as I was coughing my lungs out for 4 days throughout the whole night and my whole body was aching from the hard coughing. 

It is known that pregnant ladies tend to be very emotional but thankfully I didn't have any emotional spells, least not till 3 days ago when I was coughing right up till 4am and that's when I cracked and cried so hard because it has been so tiring, draining and painful from coughing for four nights. I finally fell asleep by 4:30 I think?...and woke at 6:30 to get ready for my doctors appointment for the usual baby check-up. I was pretty much zombified and exhausted the whole time. 

On a much happier and lighter note, my lil bub is doing very well and in fact his position has turned down, engaged and in position for birth! I was very happy when my doctor reported that because I was worried before that my baby will be breached and that will lead to few problems like a tough labor or worst I have to go for a Csec (something I am praying I will not have to choose) My iron level is a tad low but I suspect is from my lack of meat intake because I have been so unwell and I ate very plain meals like porridge so I am not on iron supplements to boost it back up.

I'm still not very well, still coughing but it's getting a tad better. Hopefully I am able to have a good sleep tonight because last night I woke every 2 hours with a coughing frenzie. :( 

Wishing myself a speedy recovery!

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