Organizing my accessories

1:19:00 AM

I've lived with hiding my jewelry and accessories in their original boxes since forever, and because I'm now suffering from "mumnesia" I don't remember what I have and I have neglected my pretty blings for the longest time. Also some of them do not have any original storage boxes or bags and I've left them scattered around in the drawer and it always look so messy! So I decided I have to display them out so I will wear them but still they have to be neatly put away. I went online to get some inspiration but most of the ideas I found are pretty juvenile and I don't like hanging my necklaces on hooks and stacking rings on some sort of ring holder. I like looking at my accessories like how a jewelry store would present their pieces to you simply because it's classier, chic and clear enough to decide on which piece will go with the outfit I have on.

I found these brilliant jewelry trays covered in fabric via a friend of mine. I was very surprised by the good quality and finishing and also how it stacks nicely and neatly. It's definitely looking like I need more in the near future but for now this will suffice as I still keep my very large pieces in the box. I like how my drawer looks now, all panned out and so very blingy when the wardrobe lights are on. 

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