2:41:00 AM

I woke up on new morning of a new day on a new year of 2016 and it felt like just another day. I didn't party on the eve so I didn't have to cure a hangover. I simply went to bed after 12 when the fireworks died down. The husband was in his man cave having yet another one of his Star Wars rounds online with his friends. It was a quiet night in. 

We planned to have breakfast outside prior to, in a way "celebrate" the new year together with our first meal of the year. Early risers we were and made our way to a cafe, the streets were quiet and driving was so breezy. 

 Next couple of days I started to look back and realized I've abandoned my blog for the longest time. The last entry was about a work trip to Hong Kong and there was just no depth whatsoever to that post and I asked myself what was that post even about? To think that I've started "blogging" since 2007 ( i think? ) it is indeed a shame to just leave all my hard work behind. So I did exactly what I did, I DELETED the entire content and it felt so good! So if you are new here you will probably think this is a new blog. If you are not new here then welcome back to a whole new site. 

My life took a rather sharp turn at the end of 2011 and it completely changed me inside out. Everything seemed crystal clear suddenly but yet my days were a blur. I did what I had to do to survive and took that time to find myself. Writing anything during that period was such a chore as I mostly I have nothing to share and slowly I left this place idle. 

Now I finally have a grip on myself, my life and work I decided to dust this place out and give it life. becasue I wouldn't want to forget the wonderful moments, things and experiences in my life anymore and immortalizing them here and sharing it is what I would want to do. 

Happy near year!

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