Au Naturale

1:23:00 AM

Ever since I found out I'm expecting I became more cautious and aware of what I slap onto my skin. Although you think "Oh but it's just external application" but the truth is they are inevitably absorbed by the skin! I have been using quite a few chemical free products since a few years ago so there isn't any major transition to my daily products except deodorant and body moisturizer because I couldn't bare any scented products during my first 2 months. Things I consider and look out for in products are
Chemical free
(sodium lauryl sulphate, sodium laureth sulphate, synthetic fragrances, animal derivatives, harsh detergents, propylene glycol, artificial colours, triethanolamine, mineral oils, EDTA or parabens)
100% Carbon neutral
Against animal testing & cruelty free
Ethical trade practice
Recyclable packaging
Non-GMO (Genetically modified organisms)

Here are some of the mildest and fragrance free, chemical free and organic products I use daily. 


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