My 10 Pregnancy effects

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Being pregnant to me is an experience like no other because every women's experience is different. There are probably millions of funny, sad, happy and just down right weird stories from around the world. I use to feel just awful daily and there wasn't much I could do about it. My hubby would ask me what can he do to help and I would tell him there's nothing he can do either. If you are reading this and you are a new mom-to-be, hang in there. Here are some of the changes and experiences I went through during my 1st trimester.

1. Morning sickness - It was more like an all day sickness in the beginning and later turned into an evening sickness. I use to feel the best when I wake up in the mornings and later on it spirals downhill and I will feel awful by 5pm till bed time. I did go through vomiting but not on a daily basis. I think I only vomited about 10 times throughout the 2 bad months.

2. Gas to fill 100 balloons - Ok let's be serious here. I know for a fact that MOST women become really gassy and we just can't help it because it's caused by hormones. Just laugh it off. Haha

3. Everything smells bad - and I mean EVERYTHING. My toiletries, bedroom, food, my fav perfume... you name it. 

4. Water tasted bad - which resulted in me only drinking Evian mineral water and I went throught 2 large boxes for almost 2 months! 

5. Fav food no more - What I use to love tasted and smelled really bad to me. I lived on peanut butter with bread, Milo drink, soya milk, coconut water, plain porridge with Bovril for a good 2.5 months. I also had a constant metallic taste and it wouldn't go away! It was horrible! It just screwed up my taste buds and screwed up all my meals. :( Thank God things went back to normal by my 4th month (end of April) as promised by the good doctor.

6. Chemical awareness - I'm suddenly really cautious of what I'm putting on my body and in to my body. Because of the K9 nose I developed during my 1st trimester I had to change all my toiletries to fragrance free products. That led me to be even more particular about the ingredients used in them and I hunted down chemical free body wash, face soap, facial moisturizer and name it. (except the shampoo and I couldn't find any fragrance free ones and it took me awhile till I found a scent which was bearable to me but it was chemical free and a vegan product)

7. Chills - I would easily feel so cold with the mildest air-conditioning. So I dreaded malls, my hubby's computer room because he cannot stand any form of heat and will blast the aircond. I would hate going out so we would watch downloaded t.v series non stop for entertainment

8. Smelly girl - I HATED showering. That is so odd because of course I would be sticky from sweating because I hated the air-conditioning but I really dreaded shower time at night. I could only shower with very warm water because I would feel cold and the warm steam carried the scents of the shampoo I was using and I hated all the smell in the bathroom. 

9. Sleeping light - It's bad enough that I transformed in to a light sleeper overnight but it gets worse because the hubby snores! I was so grumpy during the first couple of months because of the nightly interrupted sleep. 

10. Long afternoon naps - My body will just shut down despite how much I try to fight it. I use to need to nap for at least 2 hours daily after lunch and it was an automated thing for 2 months! I was told that the first few months I would feel tired easily and boy were they right about that. 

Thinking back as I'm writing this I really did dread those times because there wasn't much I could do to help myself feel better. What lasted for about 2.5 months felt like half a year or more.
A temporary relief I found was this organic morning sickness tea by Earth Mama Angle Baby. It tasted pretty good and neutral, it helped ease the gas situation and it did make me feel better some days. It's available at most baby stores. 

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