Sun, Sand & A Mojito

7:56:00 AM

I've been oooh-ing and ahhh-ing at anything summer and beach related as of late and pictures of summer wear, the beach and cocktails are popping up all over Instagram. Just this morning a buddy of mine posted a picture of him by the pool with a glass of Mojito in his hand, unwinding down from work. I'm not at all a beach person but I wouldn't mind chilling by the waters every once in a long while. Beach wear can be so relaxing and fun and it's probably one of those times I would allow myself some color to my current monotone wardrobe. I'm currently loving tassels and pom poms! Here are some of my picks for the waters if I'm not stuck at home at 25 weeks pregnant. Clockwise from left ;- Mango Cotton Tassel Kaftan  •  Toms Women Sunglasses  •  Kiini Crochet Bikini  •  100% Pure Yerba Mate Mist SPF 30  •  Antonello Tedde Eco-conscious Hand Woven bags from Sardinia  •  Elina Linardaki Pom Pom Handmade Sandals

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