Balcony goals

2:26:00 AM

I have a rather large balcony on the 3rd level of my house, which is my bedroom level and I also have an adjoining TV room from the bedroom. (Yes the entire 3rd floor is my little sanctuary) That balcony is just outside the TV room and it's not been attended to since we moved in. There are 2 very large empty pots salvaged from the hubby's previous house and it has been left sitting empty there since. Now that we have concluded that our TV room will be where the lil guy will be spending a whole lot of his time while I'm on watch, I'd like the balcony to be a place where it's cozy, shaded from the sun and lush with greens and a place for him to chill.

Nothing can be done for now as I'm heavily pregnant so we thought it's best to get the place done up after I have delivered. However I am pushing for at least the 2 large pots to be planted with a large bush to provide some shade to the TV room as it's always very warm there with direct sun light all day long. Always fun to have projects!
The Design Files create a variety of heights, leaf shapes, and colours by potting plants individually.:  
In a parallel universe I am French. I live in this beautiful home. I'm surrounded by history an...:  
Beresford Hotel bar by Kerry Phelan Design Office, Sydney store design:  
A seamless indoor-outdoor courtyard designed by Peter Fudge. Photography by Jason Busch.:  
Strelitzia niclolai, the Natal Wild Banana, graces a container in The Entry Garden. Photo by Lisa Roper:  
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