36 weeks and counting

2:51:00 AM

My pregnancy has been coming along good as I am getting further into the weeks and getting bigger in belly size too. I have been feeling the growing weight and feeling lethargic easily. Last week all I wanted to do was nap. I'm adapting better since Sunday and feeling more energetic although some moments throughout the day my walking pace is somewhat the speed of a snail.

I cannot believe I have about another 4 weeks (give or take) before we welcome a lil guy into our lives! Am I ready? I don't know and maybe I am not but then again people say no one is ever ready, so that makes me feel better. I am however panicking a little because we have yet to finish the baby shopping list and the room is not ready! We still have a few items to buy but the nursing chair and temporary beds will be delivered tomorrow! The hubby and I have the habit of shopping online to find the best deals. We stumbled upon Jumping Baby Jacks and found some of the items we were looking for are a little lower in price compared to the major baby stores in malls. There are also many items I have my eye on for the later months which are not available in local stores. So these couple of weeks we will be finishing anything undone for the lil bub and get everything ready for him and myself! Happy shopping & happy preparation to us!

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