Had a baby and dissapeared

11:10:00 PM

HELLO! Welcome back to myself! So I didn't quite return after week 36, that's because at week 37 I had my check up and my doctor was a little concern about my water level being low and I may had to be induced. I had to go to the hospital daily for 3 days to get a CTG scan to check that baby's heart beat is normal. It was normal and all good, after 3 days my water levels went back up and I was resting a lot and drinking heaps of coconut water to stay very hydrated. Two weeks later out came my little baby boy at 2.8kg. After that traumatic experience of a 23 hours drug free natural labor I was pretty much just super occupied with him and coping with being a new mom. I had a confinement lady for a month but after that I had to do it all on my own. I am still taking care of little Lucius on my own daily. It is draining and tiring and some days I just wish I had some help so I can run out to do some errands, buy some things I need and get some sun light! I miss this space and I miss writing down things, so I'm going to try writing more now because he's a lil older and takes longer naps. Heading off now, just peeking back in here for a quick one and dusting off the virtual cob webs. Toodles!

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