Baby room ideas

10:56:00 PM

Lately everything is just about the baby. That's just how it is when you are expecting your first born. Some days I still wake up wondering if the baby is a reality and I feel my belly just to check because this lil bub was unplanned but I am so grateful and happy for this miracle gift from God and so far lil bub is healthy and growing well in my belly. 

Time flies and my due date is drawing closer and closer (another 3 months) and looking back the past 6 months went by in a blink of an eye! We have pretty much covered and purchased important items and now whats left are the small accessories. We already purchase the baby bed from Ikea and a chest of drawers which I decided on that it will stretch our buck because little baby will eventually grow up and it can be used for other form of storage for the growing child. It's still a mess in that room now because we have yet to remove the guest bed and the sofa in there and reposition things. 

  Images from various sources

I'm still browsing online for baby room decor ideas and it is still a work a progress as you can see from the photos above. We decided we wanted something clean, gender neutral and nothing too cluttered and too decorative but I've decided to keep the main colors to white, black and birch for a contemporary look. I can't wait for more progress to this room with some DIY works and next step is to get some wall stickers, ( a more affordable alternative to wallpapers and less hassle ) Frame some pictures up and put them up. Definitely can't wait for the bed and sofa to go. *EXCITED*

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